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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Bleach Wars • Rise of Karakura
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Bleach Multifandom RP in the Star Wars Universe

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a long time ago...

...the galaxy was locked in a bitter struggle between the re-emergent and normally fractious Sith under the iron rule of Darth Kyoka, and the strained forces of the Jedi Council led by Master Shigekuni Yamamoto.

Kyoka's Sith Empire had taken root in the Gotei Sector of the Outer Rim, and was slowly and inexorably drawing more and more systems under its shadow. The embattled Jedi clashed with the Sith all over the galaxy, and even the once pristine Core was no longer safe from their machinations.

Among the many casualties was a Force Tradition unique to Gotei, the Quincy. The last of those famous marksmen finally succumbed, their fire then gone out of the galaxy. With them disappeared long centuries of experience in hunting, tracking and destroying the many horrifying monsters the Sith have unleashed over the course of the millennia of war.

Worst of them were the Hollows, men and women infused with the power of the Dark Side of the Force during unspeakable rites deep within Kyoka's fortress world of Hueco Mundo. The madness unleashed with each new birth was enough to shake the will of the strongest Master.

But new, unlikely heroes did emerge in the Karakura Quadrant; a young Jedi named Ichigo Kurosaki rose from the ashes of the Hollow siege of his homeworld, and though originally at odds with the Jedi, he became a Knight and added his unique views of the Force and battle to side of Light.

However, a terrible darkness grew in him, a shadow so deep even Darth Kyoka or Master Yamamoto could see its depths...


• The currently established fandoms are: Bleach, Naruto and Final Fantasy (7&12). As hopefully obvious by the name of the comm., Bleach Wars is primarily a game about Bleach characters and Bleach plots. However, the Star Wars galaxy is a big place - certainly big enough to include a few other fandoms and their major plots.

• All players may have up to three characters total, as long as those characters do not have a canonical relationship. This is mainly because there will be a lot of interaction via travel and battles, and fighting against yourself is lame and makes baby kittens weep. Corollary to that, it's imperative that certain characters (and thus their players) work closely together. Several groups of villains and heroes are inseparable, and thus the players need to enjoy plotting with each other.

• This game is a AU Bleach game set in the Old Republic era in the Gotei Sector, approximately 1500 years before the Battle of Yavin. There are powers in the game; any character known for extraordinary or mystical skills will be Force Sensitive with a power level based on their own in-series abilities. As a guide, Shinigami Captains are Jedi Masters on the Council, Vice-Captains and Seated Officers are powerful Jedi Knights or newly promoted Masters, while other Shinigami are rank and file Jedi Knights. Aizen, Ichimaru and Tousen are Sith Lords, the Espada are Sith Warriors, and most other Arrancar are Sith Apprentices. Other fandoms should follow this template.

• The setting is analogous to the period after Aizen is revealed as a villain and escapes to Hueco Mundo. Obviously, new friendships, rivalries, and associations will be formed, as the setting allows much more lateral movement and interaction options than the series, but everyone who knows each other in the series and has an established relationship must have a similar connection with an emphasis on martial, fraternal and sororital ones. Keep in mind that Star Wars is rated PG/PG-13.

• As the central conflict is between the Jedi and Sith, each character must be somehow involved in this. Either as a member of one or the other fraction, a pawn in their schemes or even an outsider trying to walk the thin line between neutrality and death. Bounty hunters, smugglers and other fringers had best tread cautiously.

• Upon acceptance to the community, players will have one week to create their journal, join the communities and make their first post or log, unless they approach a moderator with a sufficient reason for not doing so before hand. Failure to do so will result in the player losing the character, and the character being reopened. Please join the main comm with only approved character journals, and the OOC comm with any personal journals.

• Character journals are required for play, but there are no requirements about posting in them. They will be used to simulate holorecordings, comm transmissions, ship's logs and even short messages conveyed with the Force. Some characters will barely use them, others will be prolific. Most will fall somewhere in between. They are a good way to boost interaction, but not the primary means of it.

• Participating in threads makes Mods happy. If three weeks go by with no actual post from you, and no reason given to the Mods prior to such, your character will be reopened. Obviously, feel free to post more often than that, since we do love character interaction. ^__^

• This game operates off both threads and logs for interaction. A thread is an open RP scene, while a log is a scene that already took place. When making a thread, please label it as either a battle, travel, social or open in the subject of the entry.

• Threads and logs should be placed under an lj-cut and posted in the main community, using the following format. In a log, please use a system such as placing character names in bold at the beginning of each of their sections, or color coding, so as not to confuse people as to who is who.

• If issues arise either IC or OOC, any logs should be saved for reference. This way, the Mods can attempt to SEE first hand how the issue started. Please attempt to resolve matters between yourselves, only bringing it to the Mods if that fails. If the issue is OOC (or out of game entirely) among players, bring it to the Mods. If the issue has to do with another person's roleplaying, bring it to the Mods. You can find Mod information below.

• Since there are characters and possibly players of varying ages, please put any logs featuring sexual interaction and questionable material under a cut, as well as posts with lots of words, meme's or quizzes.

• There will be characters fighting, and possibly drama. Don't join if you don't think you can deal with that.


ScarikGrandmaster of the Council
AIM: MagilordX
Email: scarik@gmail.com

JillDark Lady of the Sith
AIM: roobeastie
Email: mcgrath.jillian@gmail.com




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